• Age: 21
  • Measurements: 34C
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Height: 5'8"
  • Weight: 130 lbs
  • Ethnicity: Swedish

When you grow up in a very small town with a strong urge to travel the world, it doesn't take long to decide to move to a more international city like Las Vegas. That is exactly what brought me to Sin City as soon as I could afford a plane ticket. The same things that are bringing you here for a vacation, like the flashy casinos and the fine dining restaurants, drew me in and made me delighted once I arrived. I hope you're already on your way so we can enjoy them together as soon as possible.

Aside from becoming a cosmopolitan girl, I've also been working on my singing career. Of course, I know how to use my creativity for other things too, like planning the perfect date based on your personality and interests. I've never worked as an event planner yet, but you'll definitely appreciate all the events I plan for us. We'll bounce around from casino to casino until you've collected plenty of winnings, and then I'll show you what sets me apart from the other GFE escorts in this city.

I'm not like your average girls in Las Vegas. When I'm not out on a date or working on my vocal skills, I volunteer with a few local charities to improve the lives of my neighbors and friends. I also find time for staying up to date on the latest music and movie releases, so we can spend long hours talking about your favorite films and bands too.

Of course, I love to kick back and relax whenever I can too. Laid back dates are also some of my favorite ways to while away the evening, especially when we get to cuddle up and chat in the privacy of your hotel room. The full GFE escorts experience can easily include plenty of dancing and dining followed by more relaxing activities, just let me know what you want to do and when so I can check my schedule. Let's go out for a date as soon as you get to Las Vegas!

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